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I am a professional DJ with over 20 years of experience in all types of functions. I have music that goes back to the 1940's right up to the very latest releases in most genre. I have played for functions for people from 8 years old right up to 80 years old. I regulary do parties for 13 year old's including school functions.

40th Birthday parties are another of my specialities where I have got a collection of music that will suit everyone that you invite. I specifically ask the birthday person what type of music they would like. Some 40th birthday people like the latest music and other like the remember their clubbing days and of course there is aslo the people who like a mixture of both.

Having been around the clubs over many years, I know what type of music each club used to play and have a collection from all.

Weddings are my favourite function type. Being able to play music that everybody enjoys in the room through the night is a challenge. Reading the people, testing with a few different songs to determine what is the most popular. I also ask brides to let me know if they want a very traditional wedding or a bit more progressive.

And of course I love requests. I bring over 3 Million songs to all functions which I keep indexed in a SQL database where I can search for songs in less than a second.  
DJ Peter on the decks

Sound and lighting

I use the latest state of the art JBL and Pioneer sound equipment to give your function distortion free sound. I have sound enough to cater for up to 1000 people without having to hire from any other company. I also supply some clubs in the Durban Area with sound and lighting. Having imported lighting for clubs around Durban, I keep all different type of lighting in stock that I can draw from in the event I need extra lighting. You can look at my  Equipment page to see what I use on a regular basis. I do any type of setup that you will require. If you want your party to be like a High Class lounge or am underground nightclub. I can make this happen. If you want me to provide a setup that conforms to a theme, I do this.

Wedding Pics

Master of Ceremonies

I have been a MC for various types of functions including beauty competitions, weddings, product activations, Store openings and matches.

Planning and assisting in your function

If you need assistance in sourcing suppliers for your function, I can help. Having worked with most of the suppliers in the entertainment industry, I know where to find the best at the best price and which ones are not reliable. Finding hard to find items is one of my specialities.

Product Activations

Being able to market new products in the market I have done numerous times. From promoting new artists at malls during ther day to doing activations for 8ta cell phone contracts , Pizzas for Domino's Pizza all the way to the opening of an international clothing store, I can do it all.   

Laser Shows

As I own my own Laser import business supplying nite clubs with the best lasers around and doing some of the top laser shows in South Africa, I can provide any laser show you require. I did AKON's very first concert that he used lasers. I regulary did laser shows for TRAXX , Vaccamatta and Origin night Clubs. I have supplied lasers to night clubs like Origin, Tiger Tiger Durban, Tiger Tiger Cape Town, Crowded House PMB and Vaccamatta Durban. Using the best computerised systems and the best laser units gives me an edge on the rest of the local DJ's. I have also done laser shows for Natal Blind Society at their fund raiser in Durban City Hall , PEG has used us for both of their Skateboard events in Durban and I have done numerous shows around South Africa with a Cape Town based Acrobatic team. I have also done laser shows for Bar Mitzvah's where we can write messages on various surfaces. One of the most unique show was an engagement proposal which I did against a lighthouse in Durban where the animation popped the question. International travel Convention at Moses Madiba Stadium where I did another laser show with graphics and music along with their theme.

Laser shows DJ Peter Laser for Show

LED Dance Floors

I started development and design of my LED dancefloors during 2013 and after many different prototypes I finally finalised my design in April 2014. The floor was first used in June 2014 and thereafter used many times including at the Hilton Hotel over the festive season of December 2014. These I had a good test of the floor under pressure while having over 5000 people on the floor over 20 days and having to pack up the floor each day and set it up each day. During January / February of 2015 , I improved on the floor from the experiences that I had gained over the season at the Hilton Hotel and in April of 2015 was ready to contimue testing. After a few functions the floor had proven to be robust and started to market the floor for mainstream hire in June 2015.

Some of the Hires so far include Tokio night Club, Birthday Parties, Product activations and weddings. i am also working on making the floor interactive so that we can offer team building , dancing lessons and more. Our LED 1m x 1m panels can be used as backdrops for concerts or even ceilings where we have full control of every LED on the panels. The configuration can be any size depending on how many panels we have avalible. Currently we have 16 square metres and i am in the process of making another 16 square metres which will be completed by 1 November 2015.

One of the biggest untapped market hey would be for exhibition stand floors where we can really attract people with the Colours , Logos, text, Video and patterns.     

LED dancefloor in action DJ Peter

During 2014 we designed and built our own Photobooth. This booth has a green screen so that we can drop any graphic / photo or choice of graphics  / photo's behind the people. We are also able to put in Foreground text and graphics to make it exciting for Weddings, Product Activations, Bithdays and fun Days. Using the latest DLSR Cannon cameras and Cannon High quality Digital printouts we give the guest their prints almost immediately after their picture is taken. We now offer the facility to do Video Messages in our booth.
photo booth durban  

Video DJing

This is something that not many DJ's offer as it is difficult to keep up to date with all the latest songs and expensive. I have Video's back from the 80's to present and continue to receive the latest HQ muisc videos including club versions and remixes of songs. When we do this type of DJing we can mix the songs in beat with the video matching. We normally use a fastfold screen with a projector but we can also connect to TV's if required.

Video DJing Durban

When it comes doen to Karaoke we have the songs you want and update our collection all the time. We use a screen for the singer to see the words along with the video. I do not sing myself. if you require a Karaoke Singer we can arrange one to help break the ice.

Karaoke System in Action DJ PeterDJ Peter Word Display system

Backup generator

With all the load shedding in South Africa, We invested in a 6.5KVA generator. This allows us to run all of our lighting and sound as well as quite a bit of other lighing. We have a large collection of heavy duty extension leads so that we can run long distances. Our generator on one tank lasts over 8 hours. If you require us to bring the generator along to your function please let us know. We charge a fee to bring it and set it up and then a further fee if we actually use it.   

6.5kva backup power for DJ Peter

Website creation and Hosting

Another one of my companies is a hosting company where we host thousands of websites on our worlwide servers. We can create you a wedding site for your friends to RSVP and have your wedding lists of gifts you would like and where to get them along with different price ranges. After the wedding you can have your wedding pictures on the site so your freinds can always go in and put comments. This is a great way to share your wedding with people worldwide that did not make it. It is also a central way to store some of your best memories.

This is also a place where your guests can post their Pictures / Videos from the wedding.
All access to the website is password protected so the pictures will never be stolen and put on public forums. You will have the facility to share them on social media if you wanted to.

We offer this type of hosting for R50 per annum.

To design the site with options like we have mentioned above starts at around R1000.  

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