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Birthday Parties

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Our reputation in DJing for 13th Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, 16th birthdays, 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, 40th birthdays, 50th birthdays, 60th birthdays and 70th birthdays in Durban and KZN is very good. We have done birthdays parties from 8 years old right up to 70 year old and have been sucessful in all of them. With our vast selection of music from the 1940's up to the very latest gives us the perfect platform to make a good Durban birthday party for any age group.

With our past experience in these types of KZN birthday parties, below is a brief description of what we normally find at the different age groups
With all the Parties we search for the CLEAN versions of songs.

We regulary do Durban birthday parties at homes and venues. When we do KZN birthday parties we find they are normally longer as the venues do not have restrictions on sound.

Other services that we offer can be found on our Birthdays Website

13th Birthdays
This age group is normally very up to date with the latest music so the DJ has to have a complete collection. Quite a bit of what they request is HIP-HOP, Trap and commercial. As a DJ for this age group we have to find the CLEAN / Family friendly versions of songs. Attention span is very low so we make sure we do not play extended mixes. This age group most of the time is not into remixes of songs. They want to hear the version they hear on the radio. The are sometimes some old school influences as they have been raised by parents who listed to music and the children eventually like a few of the older songs.  

Bat / Bar Mitzvahs

Very Similar to the 13th Birthdays except with some traditional songs which more of the parents join in.

16yr Birthdays

Here we find the people enjoy commerial music and they start to enjoy some of the remixes. Classics are popular.

18Yr Birthdays

This age group has had a taste of Night Clubs and start to like some of the more underground beats. Commercial songs are still very popular and they love good remixes of songs

21st Bithdays

This is a great age for parties as the guests has been exposed to the clubs and started to decided for themselves which genre they enjoy. At these parties we find mainly commercial, Deep House, Funky house and remixes.

30th Birthdays

With these parties made up of newly weds and a few single people, the music is mainly what we hear on the radio. Still a bit of Hip-Hop, Alternative/Rock influence and less house music. Guest start to be more responsible as they have Children and comittments. We find these are normally the shortest parties (5 Hours is normally enough)  compared to all the others under 60th birthdays.  

40th Birthdays / 50th Birthdays

These parties can go either way. Mainly the people want to hear some of the music from their clubbing days and some of the new commecial music. Most guests at this age do not get out to the clubs like they used to. So we see that they let their hair down for these birthdays. The term 'Go Big or Go home' is sometimes a well used phraze. I am yet to find a dull crowd at a 40th birthday party. With all the years of listening to music and choosing their very best songs, these parties stand out over the rest. Good old school tunes remixed or not are the order of the day. When we drop a famous tune from the past that they have not heard for years, the atmosphere of the party just goes through the roof. Rewind sets of msuic played in the clubs when they were younger works very well. Remixes of old songs using new beats work well. Some of the people at this age have requested minimal 80's / 90's music as they do not want to feel old, others have request mainly 80s / 90s music.

60th Birthdays / 70th Birthdays

We group these together as they are very similar. We find that for these parties the guests like to go back in time. Lots of Swing, Bill Hayley, Elvis, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and similar music is the name of the game. Old classics from thre 50s onwards works well. Again we get some of the patrons who dont want to dance but just sit and listen to their favourites. I have the Billboard To 100 from each year from the 1940's which is mainly what they want to hear and dance to. The are however some request of some of the latest songs and some of their favourites through the years. Music that is requested at these parties are normally all orgional mixes.

We can make your birthday party feel and look like anything you have dreamed of. A good add-on to the party is the Photobooth and or the LED DANCEFLOOR

If you want a club atmosphere with Lasers, Smoke, Moving head lights and more then tell us your vision and we will make it happen.
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