DJ Peter's Gear - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

DJ Peter's Gear - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

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DJ Peter's Gear

We have 2 x Pioneer DDJ-T1's

DJ Peter Wedding Music Controller

we use the world renound JBL Prodessional Series of Speakers which include CROWN Amplifiers.

Depending on your type of function, we will determine how many speakers we would use.

We have the following 'Tops / Full Range Speakers

2 x JBL PRX615 m (1000 W RMS Each)

Professional JBL Speakers PRX Range

As far a our bass goes we have 2 x JBL 618XLF (Xtra Low Frequency) Speakers (1000W RMS each)

JBL PRX 18" Subs
We have 2 other powered 15" speakers  (450W RMS each)

We have 2 x 800W RMS non- Powered Bass Speakers

6000W Backup Amplifier

iNuke 6000 a 6000W Ampifier
DBX Professional Sound Processor

We also use the DBX Zone Controller / processor for configuring and controlling the sound.
We have 2 x Moving Heads Spot DMX with Gobos

We have 2 x Moving Heads Wash DMX

We have 16 x 18 W RGB LED Par Light that can be used with or without DMX
We have both wired and wireless DMX

We have 4 x 54 x 3W RGBW Par Lights which work with both DMX and Without
Large LED Par Cans

2 x JB systems Calypso LED Lights
Amazing LED Effect lighting

LED Water light

Creates Water type effects on the wall

Just Lasers Full RGB animation Laser with computer control x 2

Full colour Laser

Mini Lasers x 5

Amazing Laser effects

3000w Smoke machine with DMX

3000W DMX controllable smoke machine

1500W Smoke Machine with remote

1500W Remote controller smoke machine

We have a 1000W DMX strobe

1000w DMX high power strobe
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