MC | Master of Ceremonies - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

MC | Master of Ceremonies - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

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MC | Master of Ceremonies

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A wedding is something very special for the couple. This is the celebration of the couple's unity. This is why it is important to have the best master of ceremony for that special day. Most of the time, the master of ceremony is a male. But there are now lots of female who are very good emcees particularly for weddings.

Being an Emcee it is normal for us focus our attention to the bride as it is her special day, However, we do not forget about the groom. Our attention focus's on the couple and the celebration of their marriage. As the emcee, we lead the event and make it as organized as possible. We sometimes have to make decisions for the couple during the evening of something that was not discussed with them. We get to know the couple before hand so that we understand what they are expecting and also their vision of what the perfect day will be like. With this information we make informed decisions rather than just a guess.

I offer being the emcee at NO extra cost to Bride and Grooms. There are a few items that I do and some things I do not do.

Doing the basic house keeping when the guests arrive and also introducing the various people for speeches is something I do. Calling up the Bride and Groom for First Dance, Boquet Toss, Garter Throw and Last Dance is something I do well. Announcements of any sort during the evening is something I do well.

Telling Jokes is something I unfortunately do not do. This we leave up to the wedding party to include in their speeches.

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