LED Up Lighters - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

LED Up Lighters - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

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LED Up Lighters

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LED up-lighters are an added feature that allows you to give depth to the room your function is in. The must be NO dark corners or dead areas. It is always nice to walk into a venue and have the whole venue stand out at you. It is these smaller details that help make your function stand out from the rest.

We have 16 LED Par Cans ( Up Lighters ) that can either be stand alone or they can be DMX'ed (Computerised control so we can change colours from a central point).

If you do not have them connected to a computer control then a quick walk past to change the settings of each one can make them do different things. We can make them fade or flash, fash or slow, We can put them on Sound-To-Light.  It really depends what type of mood you wish to create.

Each LED Par Can light has the abilty of entering the exact RGB Values (Red, Green, Blue) so we can get the exact shade of the colour you are looking for.

LED Par Can | LED Up Lighters | DJ Peter

Some of the Effects that we can create are below.

LED Par Can | LED Up Lighters  Wedding Up Lighters | Wedding Par Can  

up lighters for a wedding LED wedding par cans | up lighters

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