LED Dancefloor for weddings, Birthdays , Expos - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

LED Dancefloor for weddings, Birthdays , Expos - Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties

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LED Dancefloor for weddings, Birthdays , Expos

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LED Dance Floors

DJ Peter designed, developed and manufacturers his own ANIMATED LED Dancefloor. This floor has all the functionallity to show Patterns, Text, Graphics and Video.
Currently DJ Peter has 32 square metres of dancefloor which can be used in any configuration from 1m x 1m, 32m x 1m, 6m x 5m , 4m x 4m are just some of the examples.

Peter designed this floor with the following criteria in mind
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install by one person 4m x 4m takes about 40 minutes to install once the floor is at the correct location.
  • Low rental cost
  • Durable - You can jump on it or drop glasses / bottles on it and it is guaranteed not to break
  • As in the past, the best dancefloors were SPRUNG. This allowed the wood to move slightly and in doing so did not feel that you were dancing on a solid hard surface. Our dancefloor gives the same effect and your feet will not be sore after dancing all night to the music of the DJ Peter

The only requirements is that it must be on a flat surface. The floor can be put on an surface that has up to a 5mm variance.

As far as rental price goes a 4m x 4m is only R250 per square metre.

Peter's LED Dancefloor

LED Dancefloor Hilton Hotel | Wedding DJ |  VideoBooth  LED Dancefloor at Private Property Christmas Party | Wedding DJ |  Videobooth
LED Dancefloor 40th Birthday  LED Dancefloor Birthday
Wedding LED Dancefloor  Wedding LED Dance Floor
LED Dancefloor Tokio nightclub  Tokio Nightclub LED Dancefloor hire
LED Dance Floor at Tokio on hire  LED Dance Floor Night club hire
LED Dancefloor Hire Night Club  Wedding LED Dance Floor

Featured above the the 3m x 3m LED Floor that we used for over 30 Parties at the Hilton Hotel in Durban at the end of 2014.

I started development and design of my animated LED dancefloors during 2013 and after many different prototypes I finally finalised my design in April 2014. The floor was first used in June 2014 and thereafter used many times including at the Hilton Hotel over the festive season of December 2014. These I had a good test of the floor under pressure while having over 5000 people on the floor over 20 days and having to pack up the floor each day and set it up each day. During January / February of 2015 , I improved on the floor from the experiences that I had gained over the season at the Hilton Hotel and in April of 2015 was ready to continue testing. After a few functions the floor had proven to be robust and started to market the floor for mainstream hire in June 2015.

Some of the Hires so far include Tokio night Club, Birthday Parties, Product activations and weddings. I am also working on making the floor interactive so that we can offer team building, dancing lessons and more. Our LED 1m x 1m panels can be used as backdrops for concerts or even ceilings where we have full control of every LED on the panels. The configuration can be any size depending on how many panels we have avalible.

One of the biggest untapped market here would be for exhibition stand floors where we can really attract people with the Colours, Logos, text, Video and patterns.     
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