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Wedding Websites

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Website creation and Hosting

Another one of my companies is a hosting company where we host thousands of websites on our worlwide servers. We can create you a wedding site for your friends to RSVP and have your wedding lists of gifts you would like and where to get them along with different price ranges. After the wedding you can have your wedding pictures on the site so your friends can always go in and put comments. This is a great way to share your wedding with people worldwide that did not make it. It is also a central way to store some of your best memories.

This is also a place where your guests can post their Pictures / Videos from the wedding.
All access to the website is password protected so the pictures will never be stolen and put on public forums. You will have the facility to share them on social media if you wanted to.

We offer this type of hosting for R50 per annum.

To design the site with options like we have mentioned above starts at around R1000.  

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