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Hiring a DJ

Durban Wedding DJ | Christmas Parties
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What should you be looking for when hiring a DJ

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2015-10-14 14:41:01
People would be amazed at how many calls I on a Thursday or Friday from a bride who needs a DJ for "tomorrow".
It's unfortunate that especially in Durban, there are several very low-priced, single-operator companies who will book your event for R2000... then when they get another call for the same date, they'll book for R4000 and not show up at your event. We hear about it several times a year.
It happened again last weekend, but this time with a bit of a twist.
Some background: A bride called us about 6 months ago and we gave her a very reasonable price quote for a 5-hour event. We were even running a special at the time. A couple days later, we followed up and she had hired "a friend of a friend" and was paying him only R2000 (up-front payment). We thanked her for the opportunity to earn her business, and again explained the way some DJ companies work (book/overbook) - we warned her that a R200 DJ could end up canceling on her.
Fast forward to last Thursday. We answer our phone to hear a voice that sounded a bit embarrassed. She introduced herself and said she was almost ashamed to call, but she needed a DJ for that weekend - the R2000 DJ had canceled! Worse yet, this "friend" said he didn't have the money to refund her up-front payment!
It was a very busy weekend but we managed to get a good DJ to her party... and they even kept him overtime for 2 hours!
All told, this bride spent R2000 more than she needed to, had she simply booked a REPUTABLE DJ to begin with. Let's not even think about the mental anguish that she had to go through, 2 days before her wedding, knowing she didn't have a DJ.
I get calls often for these emergencies. You can easily avoid this type of problem by doing your research! There are dozens of consumer-review websites...
Here's a couple tips that will help you determine if a company is reputable and legitimate:

* How long have they been in business?
* Are they rated on any online consumer-review websites
* Do they answer their phone when you call during business hours?
* How long do they take to return any voicemails you leave (more than 24 hours is a BIG warning sign!)
* Make sure they are NOT listed negatively
* Simply type their name into Google and read the results - you may find good (and bad) things
When you hire a PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEY - one with a long history in your city - and one with positive reviews - you can be assured that you will get a DJ who shows up, AND who puts on a great show for you!

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